10 Awesome Iowa Mancation Ideas

Iowa? Seriously? Yes! Honestly this quiet midwestern state known for corn more than anything else is probably not high on your list of places to go for your next mancation.

It wasn't for me either, but a cross country road trip last year from Chicago to San Diego caused me to take a moment to reconsider Iowa and all the stuff that it does offer for a group of guys looking for an adventure.

As I drove through I saw signs for places like towns named Manning and Manley, the World's Largest Truck Stop, John Wayne Birthplace, Maytag (home of the worlds greatest blue cheese!), Templeton Rye distillery, a farmer creating revolutionary new breeds of hog that are starting to be recognized as the best in the world, a rapidly growing craft brewing scene, the Blue Bunny Ice Cream Museum and more. So, I started wondering what else was here waiting for guys in Iowa.


I discovered more than can be featured in this article, I encourage you to visit Travel Iowa and explore there as well. 

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Introducing JagerBonds

I am sure that Jagermeister has played a role in at least a few guys weekends over the course of your life - from sports weekends to ski trips to shots on a ski during Oktoberfest Jager is one of those drinks that is larger than just a spirit - it sometimes sets the spirit for a great night. To help capture and share that essence the company created an app appropriately titled "JagerBonds" that collects the photos from you and your friends and compiles them together into an fantastic digital memory of the evening - all by simply connecting with your Facebook and Instagram feeds.

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Want to Win a Trip to San Diego?

Baseball season is finally here and so it's time to welcome the boys of summer back home from their spring training camps in Arizona and Florida.

To make things even better, the San Diego CVB is offering a contest where you can win air fare, hotel and tickets to a Padres game! Check out some photos from our visit to Petco Park on Sunday ...


Spring Drinks to Start the Season Right

Spring is here and that means it's time to get your drink on. Our friends over at 2 Gingers, Knob Creek, and Basil Hayden sent over their picks for some great spring cocktail recipes.

Skinny Ginger


2 parts 2 GINGERS® Irish Whiskey Diet Ginger Ale Lemon Wedge Lime Wedge

METHOD: Pour the 2 GINGERS® Irish Whiskey into a pint glass with ice. Top with diet ginger ale, followed by a wedge of a lemon and lime.

Sweet and Spicy Tea Recipe


by Zac Matthews, Mixologist

INGREDIENTS: - 2 parts Knob Creek® Rye - 2 parts Southern Style “Sweet Tea” (*recipe below) - ¼ part Fresh Lemon Juice - 1 part Prosecco

METHOD: 1. Combine Knob Creek® Rye, sweet tea and lemon juice into a shaker with ice. 2. Strain into a rocks glass over ice. 3. Float Prosecco on top to finish. 4. Garnish with a lemon wedge.

*Southern Style "Sweet Tea"

INGREDIENTS: - Black Tea - Simple Syrup

METHOD: 1. Prepare a fresh pot of black tea per instructions. 2. Combine freshly brewed black tea with an ample amount of simple syrup (to taste).

Basil Hayden's Bluegrass Punch

Basil Hayden’s Bluegrass Punch


4 parts Basil Hayden's ® Bourbon

8 parts Blueberry Juice

8 parts Passion Fruit Juice Sparkling Wine or Club Soda

Fresh Mint Leaves


METHOD: 1. Add Basil Hayden's, blueberry juice, passion fruit juice and ice in a cocktail shaker and shake. 2. Top with club soda or sparkling wine Blueberry Ice Ring Freeze one bag of frozen blueberries with water in a bunt cake pan. Dip frozen ring into hot water for a few seconds to unmold. Place in punch bowl with blueberry side up.

Explore The Secrets of Tequila at CasaMagna Puerto Vallarta

Just in case you needed another excuse to play in the sun down in Puerto Vallarta, the CasaMagna Marriott sends word that they have launched a new tequila appreciation program titled Secretos de la Familia and they are one of the few resorts in the world where agave azul is actually grown on the grounds and used for making their very own tequila.

According to the General Manager, the resort boasts an enormous library of this spirit including 114 tequilas regularly available by the glass and a Tequila Sommelier who hosts regular tasting classes for the guests.

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